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ACFT PERFO – A Collaborative Platform for the Aviation Industry

August 21, 2018


Find out how Micropole implemented a highly scalable Enterprise Data Platform in the Cloud with Advanced Analytics for ACFT PERFO – Aviation Softwares to allow them to transform real-time obstacle data feeds in a real-time airport and obstacle database.

Who is ACFT Perfo?

With an already established and extensive experience in the support of the aviation industry, ACFT PERFO provides its customers with airport/obstacle databases and performance software allowing performance calculation for take-off and landing.

Why? Airline companies need to to address safety while also optimizing direct and recurring costs such as payload, engine use, and related maintenance. That’s why ACFT Perfo is known as a key player and a trusted partner of many in the aviation industry when it comes to EFB Solutions, all the way from airport databases to performance computation.

As we’ve worked together we know that the real-time tools CFT Perfo designs and develops are the best and most accurate ones you can currently find on the market. Not only to these tools transform real-time obstacle data feeds in real-time airport and obstacle databases, these are immediately  validated by a performance engineering calculation to guarantee perfect safety and optimization for all tools and data.

What was the challenge that ACFT Perfo approached Lucy with?

While the company is growing fast, they quickly saw an obvious need showing up in the aviation industry market: airlines needed a collaborative platform that could be supervised by experts in performance engineering.

While this may sound simple on its own, the execution of such a project is not. A platform like this would offer the aviation industry high availability and scalability but low latency while also guaranteeing a high level security. Besides that the platform would need to have the flexibility to package services into solutions that are based on the profiles of customers and require a global presence too.

While ACFT Perfo has already created an initial solution that met many of the brief’s requirements, further guidance was needed. Why? The solution was made of one relational database and a monolithic application, which unfortunately couldn’t meet all the demands they knew their future vision of this tool required. And so, they came to us.

Our solution: a collaborative platform for the aviation industry powered by AWS

Together with ACFT Perfo, we deployed the entire solution on AWS. In doing so we used as much managed services as possible which were organized in serverless components and orchestrated into micro-services. On top of that, it’s also available through a single web interface. 

Are you interested in seeing exactly how we created this incredible platform that disrupted the aviation industry?  Below you can find the AWS Architecture completely mapped out for you to take a look at.

The results for ACFT Perfo and the Aviation Industry

The entire collaborative platform was deployed using AWS managed services, which provided ACFT Perfo the opportunity to create a platform for the future. Thanks to this full AWS powered solution, ACFT Perfo has not only managed to disrupt the current market but also answered a clear need brought forward by key players in the aviation industry.

Are you looking forward to the future? Build an Enterprise Data Platform that’s powered by the amazing solutions of AWS & get ready to disrupt entire industries!

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