Who are we ?

With Lucy, your data becomes a major asset in your business strategy.

Our history

For several years, the Micropole group has been committed to the digital transformation of companies and the opportunities offered by cloud technologies. A pioneer in this field with several successful data migration projects in the Cloud as early as 2016, Micropole has developed unique know-how. In 2020, the group decided to create Lucy in the Cloud, an agency dedicated to AWS technologies, to emphasize the importance of partnering with the cloud market leader, further develop its dedicated offer, and attract talent.

Lucy in the Cloud is a Center of Excellence, and as such now consolidates all of Micropole’s AWS expertise.

Our mission

As a CoE, Lucy in the Cloud has a double mission: on the one hand, to help your company consolidate, secure and exploit its data in order to extract all possible value from it by using AWS services, and on the other hand, to help Micropole’s historical business lines (BI, data science, digital) to exploit the full potential offered by the Cloud.

Our approach

Lucy in the Cloud is a next-generation agency, made up of an integrated team of sales advisors, data transformation consultants, data and solution architects, and technical experts specialized in AWS solutions.

We are located at the intersection of a technology service company and a business consulting firm. As such, Lucy offers services covering the entire data transformation, with a holistic methodology that allows us to help our clients on the People, Process, Technology axes.

Each project is carried out on a use-case-by-use-case basis to ensure value creation and return on investment. It’s time to move from the Information Technology era to the Business Technology era.

What we do

With Lucy, data will become your most strategic asset.

We know data is the key enabler of the digital era. But we can’t forget the agility and ability to deploy the latest technologies when becoming data-driven.

Do you want to stay in the game?

Then you need to transform. Helping you do just that efficiently, is what we’re all about.


We assist you in creating & implementing the right data strategy moving forward.

Existing IT

The software & hardware already in place, takes up a central role in our approach.


We focus on your business needs & find out where the current issues lie.

Innovation & transformation

Our experienced teams are ready to work with both CIO & CTO’s during all phases of the project.

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