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INDUSTRY COMPANY – Full Data Transformation and Move to Cloud

Novembre 4, 2022


In brief

  • Micropole and its AWS Centre of Excellence, Lucy in the Cloud, helped a global gas producer to build a unified, multi-purpose cloud-based data platform for their healthcare cluster. The goal of this solution is to improve both their commercial and operational efficiency

The challenge

  • Our customer, specializing in the production of gas and the delivery of medical gear at home, wishes to consolidate all their data in a central place, align them with a Core Business Model and deliver these data to both users and applications through a variety of mechanisms.
  • The client also wants to monetize their data by processing in real time and using Machine Learning algorithms.
  • While time to market and agility are key drivers in the project, compliancy with HDS regulation is a must, as personal health data is involved.

The solution and benefits

  • Lucy proposed to use the Cloud and more particularly the AWS Managed Services to meet the speed and agility requirements. AWS is HDS certified, and Lucy implemented the necessary governance mechanisms to properly address the security and privacy aspects.
  • Lucy’s reference architecture was used to deploy the different AWS services. This architecture is based on the market best practices and aligned with AWS Well-Architected principles and allows for fast deployment of a modern, multi-purpose, enterprise data platform.
  • The Data Vault methodology is used to integrate and unify data, support a data governance approach and meet the compliancy constraints, while a DevOps approach is used to deploy all components (incl. infrastructure as code) to production environments, operated by a 3rd party, as required by the HDS regulation.
  • The technical architecture is depicted here under and is built around generic modules that allow easy data collecting, integration and sharing

The benefits from the solution are numerous:

  • Exchange of enriched and standardized data between applications based on a unified data model
  • Increase commercial and operational efficiency for all subsidiaries in the health sector
  • New Data Lab environment with powerful tools for data scientists (using AWS SageMaker) to create predictive models for the better good of patients
  • A HDS compliant unified data platform for analytics

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