Dedicated solutions

Lucy is at the forefront of innovation and develops dedicated, easily reusable solutions for our clients.

Voice of the customer

This solution, developed with AWS Transcribe and Comprehend services, allows to automatically transcribe and process customer calls to the call center using AWS AI services.

The return on investment is immediate and significant, including the measurement of agent performance, identification and reduction of recurring pain points in the customer journey, enrichment of the customer profile, and more. Lucy in the Cloud is also certified by AWS as a CCI Post-Call Analytics provider.


Data Vault 2.0 is now a widely recognized methodology and modeling technique for building a modern data warehouse. Lucy in the Cloud’s teams have developed their own Data Vault feeding engine. 

Based on AWS managed and serverless services, it offers a graphical interface and automates the integration and processing of data from a Data Lake to an enterprise Data Warehouse based on AWS Redshift or Snowflake. This solution is currently used by many of Lucy’s clients and accelerates the deployment of an agile and scalable data warehouse

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