We build advanced and modern enterprise data platforms in the AWS Cloud.

Looking for the best technologies to extract the full potential of your enterprise Data and deploy your most ambitious use cases? We will help you accelerate your journey with advanced analytical and operational capabilities, such as artificial intelligence and real-time data processing.

How? By helping you design, deploy and operate a cutting-edge enterprise data platform in the Cloud, powered by AWS. But technology alone is not enough. That’s why Lucy in the Cloud has developed a holistic transformation methodology.

A2C - Our unique methodology for successful transformation

To build a modern and secure enterprise Data platform in the Cloud, we have developed our own methodology: Advanced Analytics in the Cloud (A2C). This transformation approach is based on three pillars: organization, architecture and processes, as well as the implementation of operational and pragmatic governance, both at the data and cloud levels. Based on a quick assessment of the company’s maturity on these different dimensions, an architecture and a target organization are defined with key-players (the blueprint) as well as a roadmap based on the backlog of business use cases.
This proven holistic approach ensures maximum return on investment in the exploitation and valorization of your Data, whether to optimize your business processes, improve customer experience, or meet regulatory or compliance issues.

The AI-ready enterprise - Getting ready for artificial intelligence and leveraging it successfully

The possibilities offered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are immense. While the technological threshold has decreased in recent years, it remains a poorly understood subject, often experimented with more or less success by the business but difficult to deploy on a large scale, and to get the technical teams and the entire organization to adopt it.

For these reasons, the Lucy in the Cloud teams have developed an approach – The AI-ready Enterprise – that enables a foundation of quality-assured data to be built and leveraged with AWS AI/ML tools in an industrial, compliant and secure framework. Governance and organizational elements are addressed to ensure the success of use case deployment and the reinjection of results into business processes and the application landscape.

Our experts have extensive credentials, training and certification on AWS technologies to ensure the success of these projects.

Cloud governance - Defining and implementing cloud governance at the enterprise level

It is important to keep your Cloud environment under control. That’s what Cloud Governance is all about : defining a Cloud strategy, developing best practices, managing risks, ensuring resilience and security, and optimizing usage costs. This can be complex and can greatly affect your organization and processes. Lucy’s consultants will help you assess your ability to govern current and future workloads in the Cloud and accompany you in implementing a roadmap to scale up.

Cloud Health Check - Quickly assess the security, compliance, and financial optimization of your cloud environment.

You have started your migration to the Cloud, but your bill is spiking ? Are you worried about potential compliance and security issues with your Data in the Cloud? Can’t figure out your AWS organization, your account strategy, the catalog of available services or the best practices for implementation? Our experts can conduct a health check and propose a remediation plan. This is often an opportunity to address Cloud governance and define a new target operating model.

Cloud adoption - Assessing the ability to deploy a Cloud-first approach

Lucy’s consultants rely on the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework ( to help you assess your maturity and ability to migrate to the Cloud.
The 6 dimensions considered – Business, People, Governance, Platform, Security, and Operations – are assessed and then an adoption plan is defined with Lucy in the Cloud experts to ensure rapid and efficient adoption of new technologies offered by AWS.

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