Micropole becomes “AWS Advanced Consulting Partner” and will participate in the AWS Summit Online on June 17, 2020


The official press release of the Micropole group announces the participation of Micropole to the AWS Summit of 2020 and the achievement of the status as a newly Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS.

Micropole, an international consulting and innovative technologies Group, specialized in Data & Digital Experience, has entered a new phase in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner network, becoming an “AWS Advanced Consulting Partner”.

Micropole, an acknowledged innovating pioneer on the Cloud

Due to the efforts of its teams involved in the transformation of key accounts on nearly thirty innovative projects carried out in the Data and Machine Learning fields over the past two years, Micropole has been awarded the “AWS Advanced Consulting Partner” partnership level. This level of partnership recognizes advanced expertise in assisting customers of all sizes to design, build, create, migrate and manage their applications on the AWS Cloud.

“I am really proud of the great work accomplished: experts, consultants, sales teams, all the #InnovativePeople of the Micropole Group have worked in full synergy on this subject. This level of AWS Advanced Consulting Partner partnership is a very encouraging result and, above all, opens up very strong development prospects”, commented Christian Poyau, Micropole’s CEO.

In line with its Go Cloud & Security offer, which aims to help companies successfully make the shift to the Public Cloud, Micropole is continuing its development focused on innovation and added value, and thus consolidating its position as an AWS Advanced Partner.

Teams of experts dedicated to customer achievements

This new certification is the result of Micropole’s investment in AWS technologies in terms of training its teams and carrying out projects with clients in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Today, more than 30 Micropole consultants have obtained at least one AWS technical or business certification, forming a group of experts which further boosts the 400 consultants and engineers working on Data issues within the Micropole Group. In line with this commitment and with the aim of providing ever better support to its customers, Micropole has also set up a training plan to develop the skills of its experts, whether they be architects, Big Data or Machine Learning experts.

In the coming months, Micropole will work to double the number of its individual certifications and APN Competency Program participants to keep its teams at the cutting edge of the latest technologies.

A large-scale and cross-disciplinary deployment

This distinction is part of the global and strategic approach of the company to the Cloud. Since 2015, Micropole has been working to meet the needs of its customers in France, Belgium and Switzerland, finding technical solutions to their business challenges. Micropole’s investment in the AWS Cloud and its injection of the knowledge and skills of AWS certified experts throughout the Group forms an integral part of its long-term approach. This strategy of in-house collaboration aims to better serve customers in their digital transformation by reducing project delivery times and enabling larger-scale deployment in different countries.

Today, the Group’s ambition is to continue its acceleration on the AWS Cloud and to join the very demanding circle of “AWS Premier Consulting Partners” by 2021.

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