The cloud is a lever for businesses to accelerate both business results as well as operational efficiency.

Thomas Dallemagne (Director of Lucy in the Cloud – the AWS CoE) and Wim Haedens (Director of the Microsoft Analytics CoE) were interviewed by a journalist from Trends-Tendances on the impact of the Cloud on Digital Transformation for businesses.

Some quotes made by our directors on the subject:

“Today the Cloud is an accelerator that knows no equivalent when it comes to its impact on Digital Transformation, especially when we look at the financial impact and ROI.”
Thomas Dallemagne, Director of Lucy in the Cloud
“The Cloud allows us to focus more on the business and less on the technical aspects. Digitalisation is the priority of the majority of businesses today but they still ask themselves often how they can implement it.” 
Wim Haedens, Director Microsoft Analytics CoE
Find the complete article in French here : Le Cloud, moteur de la transformation numérique