What is Cloud Governance?

Let’s put it simply: cloud governance is about the people, the technology and the process surrounding your cloud infrastructure.

But isn’t that the same as cloud management?

Ah, good question!

They are in fact two different things.  How so?
Cloud governance actually proposes a framework with standard practices and a set of policies to follow. These policies can be about optimizing your cost, security or compliance.

Let’s dive in a bit deeper, to understand what it is & its importance to your business better.

What does Cloud Governance entail?

Cloud governance entails: a set of rules that you define, implement and adapt where necessary to control costs, improve efficiency and mitigate security risks.

If you want to eliminate issues concerning costs, performance & security you need a set of rules to stick by. These are your cloud governance rules and in them, you’ll need to define the following things:

  • Guidelines (for example, about the services departments are allowed to use)
  • Policies (for example, regarding cloud security and operations)
  • Budgets, thresholds and alerts to manage the cloud invoice

The rules should evolve over time, flexibility is a certain given in cloud environments. But, in order to get approval for possible changes you need to have the right organization and processes in place. That way you’re sure no rules are changed without the proper authorization.

Of course the compliance with these rules needs to be monitored. There are many types of solutions, tools and cloud management software out there to help you do this. But more on that, in another blog.

Now what if you’re noticing little tweaks here and there that need to be done in order to further optimize cost or performance? That means you may need to adapt your previously set rules. Also with the addition of new products and services, changes to the rules can be required. But since you’ve already set up the right process for this, you’re well prepared.

Why does Cloud Governance matter to my business?

A key metric of importance often associated with the cloud is ‘speed’. Whether it is about deployment or go-to-market, the cloud should be increasing your agility. However, herein lies the problem.

Decisions are often made in a decentralized manner, at a rapid pace, at a local or departmental level, leading to a variety of implementation models. A governance model at corporate level is crucial in this stage because it helps to keep your cloud workloads under control and secured.

What do we mean when we say it’s crucial for your business?

If you don’t invest in a cloud governance model, you risk your cloud environment spinning out of control and doing so quickly. Why do we sound so sure about that? Just think about the pace of change in technology environments, the amount of new services that are adopted every day in engineering and the enormous & rapid growth of cloud environments. Can your team keep up with all that, without a proper governance strategy in place?

That’s what we think as well.

But there is no need to feel overwhelmed at the realization. Lucy’s experts are giving out advice on getting started with cloud governance on AWS, free of charge, on the 3rd of December.

Attend the session by clicking here & get started with Cloud Governance for your business.


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