For the biggest cloud conference in the world, AWS re:Invent 2021, our experts traveled all the way to Las Vegas to capture everything you need to know about AWS & the future of cloud and data. Below you can find the logs we received from our very own Director, Thomas Dallemagne. Between all the interesting workshops and keynote speaker sessions he managed to capture all you need to remember!

AWS re:Invent - DAY 1 RECAP

What a first day at AWS re:invent 2021 ! 💪

Very impressive figures for AWS :
✔ 64 billion $ of revenue in 2021 with a 39% growth YoY
✔ more than 100k partners globally… and it’s only the beginning.

💡 The culture of innovation, a core component of Amazon’s DNA, is the key to that growth. It’s the famous “working backwards” motto, where you start from your customer’s needs without preconceived ideas, which is at the heart of this innovation.

How can we embrace this innovation ? How can we leverage those new capabilities ? It’s all about transformation (digital and technological).

☑️ « Make the technology strategy your business strategy, as technology is disrupting everything » summarizes the way AWS sees things here.

AWS re:Invent - DAY 2 RECAP

One of the highlights of the summit is undoubtedly Adam Selipsky’s keynote. 

Data clearly is at the forefront of Amazon Web Services (AWS) investements and some amazing new features has been announced today.

Small selection:
✔ Redshift, EMR and MSK (managed Kafka service) are going full serverless -> sooo cool!
✔ Lake Formation is getting a bunch of new features and is definitely the fastest and most efficient way to deploy an enterprise Data Lake.
✔ New CPU’s and EC2 instances dedicated to the training of Machine Learning (ML) models.
✔ Sagemaker Canvas is now available to create ML predictions without having to be an expert or having to code.

All this is a huge step towards data democratisation. And at Lucy in the Cloud, we know exactly how we can use those new capabilities for our customers.

AWS re:Invent - DAY 4 RECAP

We’re back and we’ve got the juice!

Let’s celebrate 🎉 It’s been 15 years of existence for AWS, and 10 for re:Invent itself…

Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, quoted a few another couple of impressive figures during his keynote, such as:
✔ 60 million EC2 instances launched per day (twice as much as in 2019)
✔ Half a billion API calls per second to the AWS Identification and Authenficaction service (IAM)
✔ More than 200 services (which he calls “primitives”) to build business solutions
✔ 21 regions, 91 availability zones, and 9 new regions announced for an unparalled global footprint
👀 But his actual vision, his target is what he calls the Everywhere Cloud, the ubiquity of the processing power, accessible everywhere, all the time, with a negligible latency. AWS certainly has the means to achieve this vision.
👉 Last but not least, a new pillar has been added to the “Well Architected Framework”: sustainability. AWS customers are encouraged to build frugal solutions, let’s hope the message is heard !

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