In these ‘Top Announcements’ blogs you’ll find a summary of the top announcements made at AWS reinvent 2020. We’ll be listing them up by category, alphabetically.

In Part 2, we’ll be highlighting the important announcements in the following categories: Database, Machine Learning and Storage.
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Now on with Part 2 of the top announcements made at AWS reinvent 2020.

AWS reInvent Announcements – Category 1: Database

#1 PREVIEW! AWS announced the opening up of a preview of io2 Block Express volumes that are designed to deliver even higher performance.

Why should I care? It’s built on the new EBS Block Express architecture. This allows it to takes advantage of some advanced communication protocols implemented as part of the AWS Nitro System. The volumes will give you up to 256K IOPS & 4000 MBps of throughput and a maximum volume size of 64 TiB, all with sub-millisecond, low-variance I/O latency.

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#2 NEW! AWS announced the new gp3 volume.

It lets customers increase IOPS and throughput without having to provision additional block storage capacity. On top of that, you’ll only be paying for the resources you need.

Why should I care? Some applications such as MySQL, Cassandra and Hadoop clusters require high performance but not high storage capacity. You want to meet the performance requirements of these types of applications, without paying for more storage volumes than you need. And that’s where the new gp3 volume comes in!

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AWS reInvent Announcements – Category 2: Machine Learning

#1 NEW! AWS announced Amazon DevOps Guru.

What is it? It’s a fully managed operations service. The goal is to make it ready for developers and operators to improve application availability. How? By automatically detecting operational issues and recommending fixes.

DevOps Guru applies machine learning informed by years of operational excellence from Amazon & AWS, to automatically collect and analyze data. We’re talking about data such as application metrics, logs, and events. All of this is done, in order to identify behavior that deviates from normal operational patterns.

Once behavior is identified as an operational problem or risk, DevOps Guru alerts the developers and operators. It gives them the details of the problem. That way, they can quickly find out the scope of the problem and what could be causing it.

Next to that, DevOps Guru also provides intelligent recommendations for fixing problems, which saves you time when resolving them.

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#2 PREVIEW! AWS announces the preview of the AWS Panorama Appliance and its associated console.

Why should I care? This will allow you to develop a computer vision model using Amazon SageMaker. Then you’ll also be able to deploy it to a Panorama Appliance that can then run the model on video feeds from multiple network and IP cameras.

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#3 NEW! Lookout for Vision is a new machine learning service to help increase industrial product quality while reducing operational costs.

How does it work? By automating visual inspection of product defects across production processes. When you use Lookout for Vision, you can detect damages to manufactured parts. It also helps you identify missing components or part. Lastly, it helps you uncover underlying process-related issues in your manufacturing lines.

Lookout for Vision uses deep learning models to replace hard-coded rules. It handles the differences in camera angle, lighting and other challenges that arise from the operational environment. It allows you to reduce the need for carefully controlled environments.

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#4 NEW! AWS announces Amazon Monitron, a condition monitoring services.

This service detects potential failures and allows users to track developing faults. It enables you to implement predicative maintenance. It also allows you to reduce unplanned downtime.

Why should I care? It’s easy, it’s cost-effective. It allows you to monitor the condition of equipment in your facilities, enabling the implementation of a predictive maintenance program.

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AWS reInvent Announcements – Category 3: Storage

#1 NEW! AWS announces S3 Replication support for multiple destination buckets.

Why should I care? It gives you the ability to replicate data from one source bucket to multiple destination buckets. With S3 Replication you can replicate data in the same AWS Regions using S3 SRR or across different AWS regions by using S3 CRR. It’s also possible to do a combination of both.

This removes the need for you to develop your own solutions to replicate the data across multiple destinations. Sounds good right?

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#2 NEW! AWS announced an Amazon S3 update.

What does this mean for me? Now, what you write is what you will read. Also, the results of a LIST will be an accurate reflection of what’s in the bucket.

Effective immediately, all S3 GET, PUT, and LIST operations, as well as operations that change object tags, ACLs, or metadata, are now strongly consistent. This applies to all existing and new S3 objects, works in all regions, and is available to you at no extra charge!

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Conclusion on the announcements at AWS reinvent 2020

It’s clear some very exciting things are happening in the world of AWS. After spending months listening to their users, they’ve come up with a lot of new services/tools. This in order to meet desired requirements by their users, you, or to stay ahead of the innovation curve. That’s what our motto: #GetAheadWithAWS is all about! Interested to know more? Be sure to follow the hashtag on LinkedIn or Twitter!

And at Lucy in the Cloud, we’re all in agreement: these new announcements are sure going to bring lots of innovation, the coming year in the AWS community!

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